About MedEssentia


Our plans range from Capacity expansion and modernization to new market entry and diversification. We are utilizing our collective professional experience to kick start our transformation into a major player in Healthcare / Nutraceutical market by proving World Class Products.


  • Create owners of good health and improve lives of people around us.
  • Provide High Quality Products and Services to our customers through constant improvement and innovation.
  • Create value by marketing and selling medicines globally.

Continously Working for Healthy Lifestyles

MedEssentia is a Healthcare and Nutraceutical company with a difference that is conspicuously engrossed in manufacturing medicines, supply and export of medicines with a commitment to Quality Healthcare upholding its mantra of QUALITY, PURITY, SAFETY & EFFICACY. Innovative and new solutions in Healthcare, ranging from prevention and cure are developed by our experts to help people to the maximum extent. With our immense experience in Healthcare industry and professional management with our Quality Control Department, we offer Premium Quality, Ayurvedic, Food Supplements, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic products in accordance to the International Standards. We are keen to mount up globally in providing the best solutions in improving Healthcare. We offer exceptional marketing services which strive to encourage and maintain the constant interest of the people towards our innovative products. Our rich experience of Pharmaceutical Company gives us leverage over other companies.


Tightly monitored Quality assurance and Quality Control Systems ensure consistent Quality of our products. All raw materials are evaluated as per the established specifications. A keen observation is kept on all manufacturing processes. Products are having high quality approvals like WHO, GMP & ISO. We are bound to serve with those products after having confirmed high standards of Quality, Purity & Safety.


Innovation is the cornerstone of our business. We take a broad perspective on improving Healthcare and are committed to new thinking and approaches. We strive to find new solutions that will enable Healthcare Systems to bring Medical Innovation to more patients cost effectively.

Future Plans

MedEssentia in future years shall assure its presence recorded in major world markets and is planning to have Strategic Alliances, Joint Ventures and Contract Manufacturing. We are extremely enthusiastic to enhance our presence by releasing more valuable products in the Global Nutraceutical & Pharmaceutical Market for better well being of the patients.

" We strongly believe that Prevention is the best medicine and based on this belief,
we have formulated and developed Premium Quality Products for the wellbeing of customers "